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With SwiftRFP our connection is with the Convention Centers, Event Venues, and Destination Partners. The result is not waiting weeks for critical site-selection information. Starting with SwiftRFP is the smart way to plan.

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With SwiftRFP intuitive workflow, users can save time and effort, and focus on more strategic aspects of their procurement process. The result is a more efficient RFP management process that helps organizations achieve their business goals.


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We offer a seamless booking experience, allowing you to reserve rooms in the heart of a city or near your event venue.

Whether you're searching for accommodations in a bustling metropolis, proximity to a specific venue, or a place to stay during a special event, we're dedicated to securing the finest hotel deals tailored to your needs!

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If your establishment falls under the category of venues, we extend an invitation for you to join our platform. By adding your venue to our network, you'll unlock a suite of exclusive features tailored to foster the growth and success of your business within the industry.
Selected RFP Destinations
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